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Every day is special if you THINK.

Every moment is memorable if you FEEL.

Every one is unique if you SEE.

Life is beautiful if you LIVE…

Juz give it a thot…-
“Y to flirt..,
Wen u r capable of loving…”;)

Be Soft and cool Like water,
So U can Adjust anywhere in Life
Be hard & attractive Like Diamond,
So No one can play with ur emotions.

When u get little, u want more, when u get more, u desire even more.
But when u lose it, u realize that even ‘Little’ was enough.
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You will find meaning in life only if you create it. It is not lying there somewhere behind the bushes, so you can go and you search a little bit and find it. It is not there like a rock that you will find. It is a poetry to be composed, it is a song to be sung, it is a dance to be danced…!

Agar Kisi Ko Kuch Dena Ho To Use Accha Waqt Aur Dua Do.. Kyu Ki Aap Her Chiz Wapas Le Sakte Ho Magar Kisi Ko Diya Hua Accha Waqt Or Dua Wapis Nahi Le Sakte.

If your eyes are positive, you will like all the people in the World.
But if your Tongue is positive, all the people in the world will like you.

Umbrella Can’t Stop The Rain, But Allows Us To Stand In Rain..Confidence May Not Bring Success,But It Gives the Power To Face Any Challenge..

“Sometimes we struggle through a tasteless coffee till the last sip, then we find sugar lying at the bottom .. that’s life, sweetened but not stirred well.”

“To be the Subject of Jealousy is the sign of Failure in Life, AND To be the Object of Jealousy is the sign of Success in Life.”..:-)

Tears can b trusted more than Smile bcoz u can easily smile at anybody but can’t cry without true feelings…

Jab Zindagi Hasaye Tab Samjha Ki Ache Karmo Ka Fal Hai Or Jab Zindgi Rulaye Tab Samjhna Ki Ache Kam Karne ka waqt Aa Gaya Hai.


“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha …
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G: God
O: Ofers us
O: Outstanding
D: Devotion 2
M: Make us
O: Obedient &
R: Ready 4
I: Initiate
N: New aim for the
G: Glory of Life

When God pushes u 2 d edge of difficulty Trust him fully Bcoz 2 things can happen Either He’ll catch u when u fall, or He will teach u How to fly

Relationships never die natural death. They are always murdered.

Always listen to your heart. It’s on your Left side but it’s always Right.

Our mouth is like a refrigerator door. If we keep it open, it keeps losing its cooling!

As long as we don’t forgive people who have hurt us, they occupy a rent-free space in our mind!

Half of the problems in life are because we act without thinking And the rest half are because we keep on thinking without acting!

When ‘wellness’ is replaced by ‘we’, even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.

You can see the beautiful world when only you have a smile on your face;
The tears in your eyes will blur the beauty around you.

Success is like a beautiful lover. It’ll leave us at anytime But failure is like a mother, it’ll teach us some important lessons of life.

Reflection cannot be seen in boiling water. In the same way, truth cannot be seen in a state of anger. One must analyze before one finalize!

A beautiful things starts from heart, All bad things start from mind, Never let the mind rule ur heart

A drop of water in lake, there is no identity, But if it is on leaf of lotus, it shines like pearl, Be in d best place where U can shine.

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge, argument is an exchange of ignorance…!

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great…!

Its better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and despair…!

Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens…
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You will find meaning in life only if you create it. It is not lying there somewhere behind the bushes, so you can go and you search a little bit and find it. It is not there like a rock that you will find. It is a poetry to be composed, it is a song to be sung, it is a dance to be danced…….!

:: Life SMS in English ::

Relationship with a Nice person is like a sugarcane You break it, Crush it,
Squeeze it, …Even beat or grind it, Still u will get only SWEETNESS!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Be Soft and cool Like water, So U can Adjust anywhere in Life
Be hard & attractive Like Diamond, So No one can play with ur emotions.

golden words of success_see the clock only when you dnt have work, don’t see clock when u r working.,clock is a lock for success.

A beautiful saying:”The past is to prove that no one is perfect and the future is to prove that everyone can change..!”

Be simple but look stylish Be tough but look soft Be tense but look cool Be a beginner but look winner.

Success does not depend on making important decisions quickly, but it depends on taking quick action on important decisions.

The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.

Nice Life Thought: “If you cant forget some things in life, make sure you dont give yourself time to remember them…!!”

When you see a worthy person, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy person, examine your inner self…..!
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The man who learns the art of sharing is the richest man in the world. He may be poor, but his inner being is rich…!

It May Have Many Holes
And Emptiness
If You Work On It Carefully
It Can Play

Thought on lyf- Success in lyf- “U don’t hv 2 b
GREAT 2 START bt u hv 2 START 2 b GREAT..”

Nice life thought- “If u cant 4get something in life
make sure u don’t give yourself time 2 remember them..”

Realization if it occurs at correct time will be so good. Because Realization is not worth If it comes after we lose something….

Live like there is no tomorrow! Constantly move forward and appreciate the motivation for your existence! It has cause! It has meaning! It has reason! Never give up and never look back! Choose to make a meaningful difference in your life and the life of others. Do it every day and DO IT BIG!!!

In life,we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an un-kept promise, an unheard request, an irreplaceable loss, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable first love. Still life is being about happy anyhow because everything in life can be summed up in 4 words “life must goes on”.

I am resourceful and I have the ability to do whatever it takes to succeed, and to support all those whom I love. I enjoy life’s challenges, and I learn from everything that happens in my life. I live each day with passion and power. I feel strong and powerful, happy, and excited. I have tremendous confidence in my talents and my abilities. I meet every situation knowing I am its master. I have deep respect for myself and for everyone I meet each day. I am committed to perform at the best of myself.
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Don’t complicate life:
Missing somebody? – Call
Wanna meet up? – Invite
Wanna be understood? – Explain
Have questions? – Ask
Don’t like something? – Say it
Like something? – State it
Want something? – Ask for it
Love someone? – Tell them
Keep your life simple!

Relationships never die a natural death…
They are always murdered by attitude, behavior, ego and ignorance.

Hands in Hands walk an extra mile,
Remember, On dis earth v r just for a while,
Smile n make every1 smile…
Dats d way 2 live Life in style!

Success is like a train.
It has several compartments Handwork,
Focus, Luck, etc.
but leading all those is the engine of confidence.

Luck decides whom u meet in life,
Ur heart decides whom u want in life,
Time decides who gets to stay in ur life….

“We always Feel that Life of others is Better than us..!!!
We Always Forget that We are also Others For
Someone Else…!!!”

Life Is a Football Game, And we are the footballs, Never Mind The Kicks Of People Because Without Kicks We May Not Reach The Goal.

“If Laughter iz The Best Medicine,
Then Why It Gives Pain When Someone Laughs At You..??

Every little smile can touch somebody’s heart..No one is born happy!
But all of us r born with d ability to create happiness.
Be happy…cheers keep smiling:-

Dont spoil what you have, by desiring what you don’t have.
Bcoz what you have now, is one of the many things you once prayed for …
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Life is the art of drawing without any eraser.

So be careful while taking any small decision about valuable page of your life.
Be a good artist of your life.

Waqt Bhi Sikhata Hai,
Teacher Bhi..
Par Dono Me Fark Hota Hai,
Teacher Sikha Kar Imtihan Leta Hai Aur,
Wqt Imtihan Lekar Sikhata Hai…

“ZINDGI”Ek rat hai..
Jis me na jane kitne khwab haiJo mil gya
wo “APNA” hai..
Jo Tut gya wo
“SPNA” hai.! So
enjoy every moment of Life.

Life is Short,Live it.
Love is Small,Flirt it.
Troubles are Momentary,Face it.
Memories are Sweet,Cherish it.
I’m too Good,Accept it.

Chirag-e-fikr yakenan bujhakar sote h,
magar naseeb ki shma jalakr sote hai,
wo roj khowab me jannat ko dekhte honge,
jo apni maa ke pair ko daba ke sote h.

“Life sometimes takes unknown turn,
Don’t be afraid to travel.
Someday that turn may take you to untouched heights on top of the world..!

Zindagi udas hone ka naam nahi,
Dosti sirf paas hone ka naam nahi,
Agar tum dur rehkar bhi hamein yaad karo,
Is se bada hamare liye koi inaam nahi.

Listen in such a way that people feel compelled to ‘Speak’ to you.
Speak in such a way that people feel compelled to ‘Listen’ to You.
Good day!